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The 4 promises of Hak4t

Wherever people live, work and relax, light is needed. With the right amount of light, people and animals feel comfortable and perform better. The Hak4t group provides the best light solutions, based on the principles of nature and on innovative techniques.


from advice, development, realization and aftercare to your desired end-result

At the Hak4t group you can rely on people with a heart for the business, more than 25 years of practical experience and extensive knowledge of lightroofs, daylight constructions or other daylight facilities, high-quality LED artificial light solutions, image-determining outdoor sun protection and solar energy integration.

Our product technology has been developed on the basis of several decades of practical experience, with the most innovative techniques and reliable suppliers and partners. Meet our technical all-rounders. They provide the best (smart) lighting solution in every situation. You are always assured of a beautiful design, a reliable construction or facility and the best materials. You will discover that we are remarkably good and creative in this. Our more than 60 employees are working full of energy, with commitment and faith in your products or services and have only one goal: you as a satisfied customer!

In order to give extra strength to this distinctive character and its positioning, we make 4 promises:



Depending on the advice, products or services provided Hak4t offers you 1-5, 10, 15-20 years warranty because we always aim for the highest quality available. You are always assured of a beautiful design, a reliable construction and the best materials. Within our Hak4t group (if applicable) our products and / or services comply with EN-14963, EN 12464-1, EN 12464-2, EN 12193, bauaufsichtliche zulassung, VCA * (2008 / 5.1), NEN-EN ISO 14001: 2004, CE, ENEC

Our professional, reliable and no-nonsense employees ensure that you receive your products or services in the right way and on time. A deal is a deal. Always and everywhere.

Our dedicated result-oriented employees and their dynamic, informal and result-oriented management work solution-oriented towards the only thing that matters to you: "the end result!".

The Hak4t group has a solid financial basis both nationally and internationally. The Hak4t group has earned its spurs in recent years and is growing from profitable investments in light with a healthy gross margin that guarantees continuity. Not only for her own, but also for your next generation.


We offer you a full-service (light) product, project or lighting solution where we take care of everything from the initial advices, developments, purchasing or purchasing, production, installation, aftercare and maintenance. We call this work according to the 'Hak4t Plug and Play' or 'Hak4t full-service' convenience principle. This principle is taken care of in a 4-step process that is as easy as possible through the Hak4t process from technical purchasing or purchasing advice, the development, realization and aftercare to your desired end result. We try to do this in such a way that you are extremely satisfied afterwards and it makes sense for you to return to the next (light) solution requirement as a satisfied customer. Again and again.

Learn and experience how you can create a healthy living and working environment with light and ensure that people and animals can get the best out of themselves. And make grateful use of innovative techniques that are at your service for your convenience and for the most sustainable and economical lighting solution.


When we offer you our advice, products and services as a total package according to our 'Hak4t Plug and Play' or 'Hak4t full-service' principle, we guarantee you the best price! One of the basic assumptions here is that it must be exactly the same or equivalent products and / or services that we provide in our established product and / or services program. The guarantee does not apply to complaints, promotions or other temporary price reductions elsewhere. This promise is intended for you as a customer in the normal 'Hak4t Plug and Play' or 'Hak4t full-service' 4-step process from technical purchasing or purchasing advice, the elaboration, realization and aftercare up to and including the desired end result. Would you like to know more about how this promise works or the conditions attached to it? Mail this question to

This 'Hak4t Plug and Play' or 'Hak4t full-service' lighting solution means for you, your company or the end user:

• The best price
• Energy savings up to 100% possible
• Low maintenance
• Increasing performance
• A quick return of investment


We offer you a unique sustainable lighting solution with which not only we but also you make a lasting contribution to the world.

The patented and model protected 'Hak4t Plug and Play' or 'Hak4t full-service' lighting solution gives you a trendsetting 'me too' status that shows that you are consciously dealing with our world!

In addition, you, your company or the end user show that they help their people and / or animals to feel good, perform better and get more out of life through the influence of as much natural daylight, art and sunlight as possible.

We will be happy to assist you with your questions or choices.

Marc Hakvoort, CEO